Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Dental, Biotechnology, & Chemical

Our primary focus at Mendelson IP is in the Pharmaceutical, BioPharma, Medical Device, Dental, Biotechnology, and Chemical arts. Mendelson IP has substantial experience in all aspects of intellectual property relating to these industries, including prosecution, counseling and opinions, due diligence and litigation.

The Firm’s founder has worked closely with clients ranging from big pharma and generic pharmaceutical companies in litigation over blockbuster drugs, to smaller biotech companies applying for their very first patents. The range of technologies we have handled is as broad as the industry itself.

Counseling, Opinions, &
ANDA Notice Letters

At Mendelson IP we strive to be not just an attorney, but a counselor in the true meaning of the word.

Mendelson IP provides sound legal advice and counsel to our clients as they pursue their business objectives, addressing issues of freedom to operate, validity, infringement, patentability, due diligence and life cycle management. ANDA notice letters and the underlying opinion(s), as well as freedom to operate and clearance opinions are a particular specialty of the firm. We work closely with our clients to manage the scope of each project, with the belief that greater communication between outside counsel and client results in a better work product. We make certain we understand how each project fits in with your business goals, to ensure that final product not only answers the questions asked, but also provides the information that needs to be known. When issues do arise, we work with our clients and apply our scientific knowledge and understanding of the industry, together with our legal skills, to help identify creative solutions.

The Firm’s founder has worked with clients on projects ranging from managing the all the U.S. freedom to operate issues on the first major collaboration between big pharma and a biotech company, to opining on the scope and validity of a single claim of a competitor’s patent.

Whether you are assessing the IP portfolio of a potential business partner, seeking advice on freedom to operate, or assessing the scope and strength of a competitor’s patent, Mendelson IP can provide you with effective and cost-effective assistance in the matter.

Patent Prosecution

Mendelson IP recognizes that the best and most cost-effective way to obtain a valid and enforceable patent is to get it right the first time, during prosecution. We have extensive experience in managing all aspects of domestic and international patent procurement and work closely with our clients to ensure that the prosecution strategy employed for each patent remains true to the client’s business purpose in seeking protection for the invention.

Prosecution with an eye toward litigation isn’t just a catch phrase at Mendelson IP. We have years of IP litigation experience and know, first hand, what a patent goes through on its way to trial.

We may ask a few more questions than you are used to getting from your outside counsel, but we believe that a greater flow of information between outside counsel and the client results a better, more enforceable patent.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Although we have substantial experience in IP litigation, as a smaller firm Mendelson IP generally works with co-counsel that specializes in litigation, where we may provide support and bring our nuanced understanding of the interplay between the legal, scientific, and technical principals at issue. We also work with a number of entities that offer litigation financing for our clients to help them manage the costs associated with litigation. 

Inter Partes Reviews (IPRs)